This blog is to let me share my works with the world. Feel free to comment on any ting you see, Leave suggestions, Requests, Ideas, or what have you to any of my posts. I will do my best to reply to every comment in one way or another.


Q.What are these names?

A. They are the names of the races I’ve created for the book i’m working on. I’ll list them below so you can understand what they mean.

Zalnduu: A Native American technology level race that populates the continent of Godwana. They are rather zealous and traditional in their beliefs and ways. they belive in the Zonlt-Akazuuk religion

Grutroot: Ancient celtic technological level race that populates Godwana. Though they still hold firm to their beliefs it’s not nearly as dominating as some of the other races belief systems. they are brutish and stubborn. They believe in the Valnk-Akazuuk religion

Azaknalduun: Stone-Age technology level race that populates Godwana. they are the oldest of the race and the creators of the original branch of the Akazuuk religion. They believe in the Okn-Akazuuk religion

Lunadra: These are the polar dwellers split in to two tribes. the Koyukon, and the Ahtna. The Koyukon reside in the north. The Ahtna in the south. They have a Roman level of technology. They believe in the Lun’vance Religion

Anunaki: Like the Lunadra they are split in to two tribes. The Os Vans (Now extinct) and the Quichen. They are Xenophobic and have a Mayan (Quichen) or Egyptian (Os Vans) Level of Technology.  They belive in the Xiloconm’tukz Religion



A few things to keep in mind:

I’m a writer. Though I like to think that I have a firm grasp on the English language I’m sure I’ll make plenty of mistakes. I would love if you pointed them out to me in a nice, helpful manner.

The content on this site are my original creations. If you would like to Re-blog  Show it off, Share it, Or what have you you are more then welcome too but i would appreciate getting credit for my hard work

I may not update frequently. I will do my best to add new content as soon as it is available but writing takes lots of time and energy. However, I will do my best to keep my blog updated with what i’m doing even if i’m not adding massive story blocks.

A lot of these words are going to be strange. Good fantasy words are. If you are having trouble with the pronunciation just ask


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