The Great Dying. ( A Zalnduu creation story)

ImageA Zalnduu story for children


“now listen children and I will tell you a tale of when the ancient ones ruled. But first I shall tell you of the spirits which you land forsakes so.

First are the sisters of origin. Beltza the youngest sister. And Bizitza the oldest. Beltza governs death and the time of the end. When she comes for you do not fear her arrival go willingly. For she is gentle and kind. Beware though young ones. Beltza does not bargain and she does not give. Bizitza on the other hand loves and shelters her children. But only those that show their love back” she said and lifted her long hair smiling. “This is the contract to life.  This will show your age and how much love she has for you.”


Next ate the three of water. Ibaiaren, the river, Bazterren, the ocean and Ekaitz, the storm. Ibaiaren Will provide you the drink of life and water to quench your thirst. But you must thank her for her gift young ones or else it may boil in your hand and mouth. Bazterren gives you fish to eat if you can catch them but you must be careful when you enter her depths or she may swallow you  whole. Ekaitz gives you your name and renews the earth. Her joyous tears bring freshness, and her touch grants power.” She showed the branded butter fly on her face. “I am the butterfly so named by my mother and branded upon me by lightning.”


The Brothers Harria and Lurra, and their little sister Elurra are next little pups. Harria the mountain is big and strong.  He protects your soul and keeps it deep inside his depths.  He gives you the Heartstone to show your  love to another, and so all may know your well being. Or at least those whom have your Soulstones.  Lurra, the Earth only wishes to embrace you as you sleep. His warm arms hold you close  and relieve your stress and pains. Elurra only wishes to hug her older brother. She spreads her arms across the world and blankets it in her body. She is beautiful and wishes to share her beauty with you. So cover yourself not when you see her white form of snow.


Izaki of animals, Ehiza, of the hunt, and Izaera of nature all wish for the same thing. Respect them and the gifts they give. Respect the animals you kill to provide food.  Show appreciation to the plants that grow. And thank them for allowing you to hunt and kill.


Arnasa fills your lungs and asks for nothing. She is gracious in her gift of breath. All you must do is breathe. Zerua Is beautiful too and gives you beauty in voice. Zerua, the sky, is who lets me speak to you now in your native tongue and not my own. Be careful with her patrons though. She loves to hear your sing and your roar. Do not deny her of them. Can you roar for Zerua?” she asks tilting her head a little.


Sua, the flame will keep you warm when you are cold, keeps you loose when you are stiff. You must show thanks for his warmth and heat by making a flame for him to sit, or smoke the herbal leaf for him to smell. Ametsa the dream helps you to sleep. She gives you visions in your mind and pleasure in your body. She asks for nothing more than for you to rest.


Finally are the sisters of demands. Borrokatzea, She is the one of battle and flesh. She asks for the skin of your enemies or the skin of yourself. Do not forsake her or soon a battle may come to you. Gerra, of the War can bring clarity of mind and peace of self.  She can bring strength and energy, and allows you to kill.  For her gifts she asks for limbs and life.  That of those fallen before you. Or perhaps a part of you. Odoletan  is tricky, she gives you the blood in your veins but  asks for it back. If you grant her offering she refreshes and renews your vigor. These three rest with in my eyes at this very moment. Though be careful you don’t look at them or they may ask their offerings of you.  Now then on with the origin of the tribes.


 Long a go before you, before me, before even my grandmother walked upon this earth, there were creatures. They were small at first no bigger than a mouse. No bigger than a shrew.  They lived happily with the Gorgon and the Tricims. Large beasts that hunted and roamed the entire land. The gorgons were stupid but fast. They wasted their food only taking one bite from anything they hunted before hunting again. The Tictims were the grazers. They wandered the land from place to place eating all the plants they could find. They took and took giving nothing back and never thanked the spirits for their gifts. Never saw the beauty of the land around them.


Zerua, the sky, was angry for they never sang. Elurra, snow and beauty, was angry for they never saw her. Ibaiaren, the river, was furious for they only took from her. Her sister Bazterren, the ocean, was angry as well for the advantages they had taken of river. One day the spirits collaborated. They had to destroy the unworthy creatures and rid the world of their soulless forms. Lurra, the earth, Sua, fire, Arnasa, breath, and even Izaera, Nature herself, came up with a plan.


Lurra screamed. She screamed in agony as  the blade of battle pierced her flesh and ripped her asunder.  The blood of the earth, Thick, molten, and hot poured forth from her huge gaping wounds. It spewed forth and covered the land, lighting anything it touched ablaze. Sua laughed at her sister spirit reveling in her ability to run rampant. The forests burned, the grass shriveled. And all ran from them.  The animals started to die. But it was not enough. Arnasa, she who lives in your chest, she who you feel when you breathe in and out, She became toxic and choked the gorgons. When they breathed she did not let them live. Her toxins infected Ekaitz, storm, though. Now Ekaitz had been opposed to this until now. However, when the toxins got into her they caused great pain and made her weep across the whole land.


Ekaitz cried and cried trying to  help sooth her children with her tears. But Arnasa’s work had been done. As she cried for her children her tears fell as acid. It burned their flesh, and killed the lovely tree’s. The horrors that she had inflicted upon the land only caused her to weep more. Ocean and river became poison though storms’ influence. They killed the fish, and suffocated  the  seas. All the while Lurra still screamed.


The spirits, for thousands and thousands of years continued this. The gorgon died. And the Tictims died as well.  They were wiped away from the earth for their transgressions. However, Bizitza, the spirit of life, was displeased with her younger sister Beltza, death, for taking so many of her children. And so she sheltered her smallest ones. The little shrews and mice, the little nameless ones. When the rage of the spirits had eased,  She shaped these little ones. She made them in to new creatures.  Big ones and small ones. Rhinos, and turtles, fish for the sea, birds for the sky, Horses , camels, and finally the first tribe.


Bizitza and her sister, and brother spirits had decided that to keep Lurra from crying once more, and to keep Izaera from hating her world. They must have caretakers to balance all life on earth. And so Life gave rise to the Azaknalduun. The first of the tribes. However, they did not know the spirits. For they could not see them, they could not hear them. And like the animals before them they too struggled in this world and began to die.


One day though a young girl came forward. Her name was Urrezko Begi, She with the golden eyes. When she opened her mouth, she spoke not her own words. The spirits spoke though her. They told the Azaknalduun of Lurra’s rage and Izaera’s pain. Thankfully the first ones, that ancient tribe listened to her words. They  followed the rules of the spirits. And they thrived. And that is how the world came to be little ones. Remember that you must follow the rules of the spirits. Or else the air will become toxic in your lungs. Maybe next week I’ll tell you about the second tribe, and finally My tribe the Zalnduu.






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Zalnduu Rituals

Zalnduu Religious Rituals 


Fire: Each day A Zalnduu must light a fire or smoke out of their sacred pipe. This is to honor the spirit of fire Sua. If this is not done the Zalnduu fear that they will burn to death in their sleep. When smoking out of their sacred pipe they must smoke the correct mixture of tobacco and herbs. Any deviation will anger the spirit of fire.

Smoke leaf: Combination of tobacco, thyme, rosemary, and Catnip


Water: A short Prayer of thanks must be said before water is drunk, taken from a river, or splashed upon the body. If this is not done the Zalnduu fear that it will boil and scald their skin when it touches them. A prayer can also be said for others. And water can be blessed using a different prayer for long journeys.

            Prayer for self: “Oh ibai, eskerrik asko me, bizitza opari hau emateko.Maiatzaren nire egarria quench eta garbitu me garbitu.”

            Prayer for self, Translation: “Oh river, thank you for granting me this gift of life. May it quench my thirst and wash me clean.”

            Prayer for others: “Oh ibaia. Barkatu bai bere akatsa.Eman zure ibaiaren zuzenean, bere egarria Laguntza gelditzeko zure odol.Ematen dizut nire odol tanta bueltan”

            Prayer for others translation: “Oh river. Forgive their folly. Give them your life oh river, Help to stop their thirst with your blood. I give you a drop of my blood in return”

            Prayer of Blessing Water: “Oh mantentzeko ibaiaren ur purua.Jarri zure bedeinkazioa ur me, nire bidaia luze bizirik mantentzeko.Eskerrik asko nirekin bat pieza ekartzea me emateagatik.”

            Prayer of blessing water Translations: “Oh River keep this water pure. Place your blessing this water to keep me alive on my long journey. Thank you for letting me bring a piece of you with me.”


Earth: A Zalnduu must sleep on dirt. This means either directly sleeping on the ground or having earth placed under a mattress, Sleeping bag, Bedframe, in the bed with them, Or under their pillow. If this is not done they fear that they will contract Rheumatism, Cancer, and arthritis.


Hunt: When prey is spotted A Zalnduu must sit and speak a prayer before killing the animal, In reverence to the spirit of the Hunt. Once the animal is killed they must say a second prayer of thanks. After the meal is finished the Waste products, scraps, and any bones that will not be used in craft must be arranged on the shoulder blade of the killed animal so that scavengers may come and dispose of it. Also one bone from the animal must be buried where the creature fell.

            Prayer before killing the animal: “Eskerrik asko dit janaria.Zure baimenik animalia hilko dira i eta nire afaria.Ez baduzu onestea piztia hiltzeko mea edo nire enbrageetam ihes.”

            Prayer before killing the animal translation: “Thank you for bringing me food. With your permission I will kill this animal and make it my dinner. If you do not approve may the beast slay me or escape my clutches”

            After Successful hunt Prayer: “Eskerrik asko eta harrapatzeko me piztia hil emateagatik.Ezer ez doa hondakinen ziurtatu egingo dut.Lurperatuta dut da hezur eta zer ez i erabiltzeko beste izaki zaintzen duzula jaten utzi i izango”

            After Successful hunt prayer translation: “Thank you for letting me catch and kill this beast. I will make sure nothing goes to waste. I have buried it’s bone and i shall leave what i do not use out to feed the other creatures that you guard”


The Three Trails of maturity:

To be granted permission to be an adult by the spirits a Zalnduu must go through three trials.

Trial of the soul: This happens when the Zalnduu is born. Their soul is offered to Mountain. In return they are given their Heartstone in the stone of their birth. The new born Zalnduu will become soulless and marked for death if the parents do not perform this ritual. This Ritual entails encasing the child up to the neck in the ground. The heat beat of the Mountain is felt though their body And they shall feel their soul being compressed. This is an incredibly painful experience which is why it is done when they are very small.

Trail of life: A Zalnduu offers their live in service to the spirits and to life herself. They are given healthy hair and are never allowed to cut it. If they cut it they forfeit their lives and become a disgraced one. However, Completion of this ritual allows their hair to not have a terminal length. The length of a Zalnduu’s hair marks their age. It is half as long as they are old.

Trail of the name: A clay mask is made by the mother or father of what the name of the Zalnduu shall be. They are then taken to the place of their birth and struck by lightning from Storm. Their name is branded upon their face or back in rare cases. All Zalnduu branded on the back are named Tzatch The sound of lightning. They are only given this name if they are born when lighting hits the ground. This is done to Honor the Spirit of the storms


Ritual of battle: Before a battle An Zalnduu must sit and meditate to commune with Battle. Battle will direct the Zalnduu to victory and tell them how much flesh they demand. The amount varies. The flesh that is required can come from either the opponent or it can be ripped from the Zalnduu’s skin after battle.


Ritual of war: Before a war a Zalnduu must commune with Battle, Blood, and War. They will be instructed how to kill, how much blood must be spilled, how much flesh must be offered, and how many bodies must be given. A Zalnduu will not stop until they have filled their quota.  Symbols will be drawn on the Zalnduu body using red and white paint to note this number.


Ritual of mating: Zalnduu must dress in popper mating chains. These can be handed down by the mother, or father respectively, or made by oneself. Their bodies are painted with gold dye, and a Prayer must be given to life and blood. Failure to do so leads to Impotence and infertility.

            Mating prayer: “Geure burua entwine egingo dugu elkarrekin egin eta gurekin bat.Zaintzeko i.Ez dut egin me gorroto horiek”

            Mating prayer Translation: “We shall entwine ourselves together and make us one. This is the one I care for. I shall not betray them.”


Ritual of death: Upon the end of an Zalnduu life they shall leave their possessions in their den and start to wander across the land. They will not hunt, they will not drink, they will not stop until they reach the spot chosen by death and they will die there.  Any family they may have shall rejoice in the Zalnduu final sacrifice. Their Heartstone turns black and shatters.


Ritual of birth: An expectant mother must give prayer and tribute to blood daily to keep her baby healthy. She shall Praise life once a week and must wear a dress made from Indocrin skin at all times. Her body shall be painted with red, silver, and black dye. This dye is permanent and will forever stain her fur. The Zalnduu family shall rejoice and take care of the mother in this time. If separated the Zalnduu family will make the trek back to see the new child. The Father must hunt for the mother. He will not eat during this time as tribute. Instead he Feed upon the same milk that his child shall feed upon during this time.

Ritual of marriage: In this ritual the two Zalnduu exchange their Heartstones. This is a symbol of love and trust as they trust the other with their very soul and essence. Same sex Marriage is not discriminated against. The stones are to be kept inside forever or until given back to the original owner. Having your Heartstone given back is a disgrace. It symbolizes that the person rejects your very being.

Ritual of the Beast: When a Zalnduu matures they will search out the skin and bone of an Indocrin that has died naturally. This skin and bone is kept with them at all times and is considered to be a sacred item. Usually the skull is kept somewhere on their person as well. Zalnduu may not have children unless they possess this skin.


Compulsion of Protection:

There are three parts to this they are listed below:


Indocrins: If a Zalnduu happens upon an Indocrin being hunted they must rush to its defense. The Zalnduu will attempt to kill all parties hunting the Indocrin, or they will die in this attempt. No Zalnduu is exempt from this. Be they men, women, children, pregnant mother, or the elderly.


Sanctuary: If a non Zalnduu is inducted into the clan as a brother/sister, they may make a claim for sanctuary. This allows them into the homes of any Zalnduu, and allows them to have a Zalnduu companion that will protect them with their life if needed. The same is said for any Zalnduu. A Zalnduu may request the same as the inducted.


Nature: Each Zalnduu is expected to keep their territory free from invading people, harmful elements, and Grutroot taint. If they have the slightest feeling that something is offsetting the delicate balance of their territory they will seek out and destroy the cause. 

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